Paycheck Options

Ease your payroll burden with the myriad options and special features that ADS has to offer. Our streamlined processing guarantees efficiency and accuracy

Paystubs are customizable to include the fields of your choice:
  • Employee Information
  • Employer Benefit Information
  • Accrual Used & Balances
  • Deduction Goal & Balances
  • Laser Signature
  • Company Logos
Take advantage of our variety of payment methods that include:
  • Pressured Sealed Checks
  • 8/11 Laser Checks
  • Direct Deposit
    Each employee can specify an unlimited amount of bank accounts to be credited on fixed $ amounts and/or Custom Calculations
  • Ready ChEx
    Eliminate the hassle of fraudulent checks and banking reconciliation with our Ready ChEx solution. Have your Net Payroll checks drawn from our Trust account and outstanding checks will be provided to you in quarterly statements
  • Payroll Cash Cards
    This option is ideal for those employees without bank accounts. Provide them with free Visa Payroll cards and funds are uploaded the same way as direct deposit
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