Contract Freight Transporters

We know that your business involves much more than transporting items from place to place. Whether you pay your truckers by the mile, a flat fee, or by a combination of both methods – our trucking specific platform will integrate and automate your method of pay.

Our software boasts excellent reporting capabilities, and to simplify things even more – all payroll info is printed on the pay stub, and GL’s are displayed by client.

School Charter Bus Service

ADS offers a comprehensive service plan designed to meet your specific needs.
Our powerful system will streamline the payroll processing of all your employees – full-time and part-time…those paid a monthly salary and those paid by mileage…

And to ensure the safety of your passengers – our HR management solution includes thorough background checks, eliminating that hiring headache from your plate.

Ambulance / Ambulette Transport Services:

ADS services over a dozen transport providers and has developed a specialized solution to manage and integrate all your rules and requirements.

By automating all your business components – such as compensation, incentive bonuses, General Ledgers and Time & Labor Management – ADS puts you in the lead.