Property Services / Hospitality

Property Management:

To traverse the difficulties and distance inherent in managing multiple site locations, we have developed cost effective ways to solve your challenges. The ADS system provides an accurate GL by each location, allows for easy transfer of employees from location to location, and enables supervisors to download and print actual paychecks on-site (saving enormously on shipping costs).

Our specialized knowledge of your sector is a valuable asset that allows us to service your comprehensive needs.

Building Maintenance:

ADS addresses the unique challenges that accompany the maintenance of numerous sites. By coordinating an available budget for each building, every supervisor can allocate his expenses accordingly and eliminate the costs of Time and Attendance.

ADS helps keep your buildings up to par in the most streamlined manner.


As you do your best to provide your guests with the ultimate five-star experience, ADS supplies a dedicated focus on your back office needs. Our unique interface creates a budget based on your daily reservations, and eliminates any headaches related to staffing and gratuities while managing and automating your workflow.

Every solution generated by ADS is as unique as the business it benefits.