Based on our intuitive grasp of your industry’s complexities, we offer enhanced management solutions that promote efficiency

Every business comes with its own unique set of industry challenges. In managing your day-to-day business, you most likely have not had the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the most current and effective ways to optimize your internal workflow. At ADS, our area of expertise is your area of expertise. Our sophisticated software offers an incomparable level of flexibility – allowing our specialists to configure and manipulate data with seamless integration based on your personal preferences, unlike the others which force your information into a pre-conformed box.

ADS has successfully developed automated solutions for many of your industry peers – whether it’s linking time and payroll data from multiple applications, automating complicated pay rules and pay rules from other pay periods, exporting Custom GL’s up to 19 digits allocations to the many industry accounting packages or the integration of services such as employee background screening, Benefits/Sec125 Administration, Cobra Administration, and more. The ADS objective is to provide a tailored offering of services to ensure centralized management and the decrease of manual labor for your specific industry.

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