Health Care

LTC, Nursing Homes & Senior Living Centers:

ADS is the proven way to eliminate scheduling headaches, boost productivity and improve compliance. Sophisticated GL integration will help you maximize your budget, and our Time & Labor Management will streamline your shifts and keep overtime costs under control.

Consolidate your payroll and Time & Labor Management with ADS for a superior edge, and you’ll reap the benefits of dealing with only one company who knows you well. By reducing manual administrative tasks and optimizing your staff – you can better focus on providing quality patient care.

Home Health Care:

We have a keen grasp of your workflow and will work hand in hand with you to automate your entire operation from end to end. To simplify and streamline the complex – ADS ensures that GL imports show up by referral source, employee pay stubs list all visit details at a glance, and that time and payroll data from multiple applications are linked.

Partner with ADS and you’ll be able to handle an increased caseload with ease!

Inpatient Rehab Services:

Our customizeable calculation rules will eliminate the hassle of computing your intricate payroll. ADS delivers an incomparable level of flexibility, allowing for seamless integration based 100% on your business rules and personal preferences.

Whether you require a split pay rate or the calculating of pay rules from prior pay periods – our robust system is reflective of your needs.


ADS offers a cost-effective centralized solution that encompasses your multiple state and federal programs and their varied rules. By utilizing ADS for your budget and scheduling, you can rest assured that expenses will be allocated correctly and pay rates will accrue in accordance with each employee’s multi-faceted role. With access to your consolidated rules, site managers will have the ability to better manage their workflow.

In your complex regulatory environment, ADS ensures compliance at every level.


ADS services over a dozen transport providers and has developed a specialized solution to manage and integrate all your rules and requirements.

By automating all your business components – such as compensation, incentive bonuses, General Ledgers and Time & Labor Management – ADS puts you in the lead.