“Preparing accurate payroll checks – dealing with complicated calculations for over 800 employees weekly – was a mammoth time consuming task… until we joined ADS. Their in-depth knowledge of the industry and their extra effort in analyzing our business rules and processes is what sets them apart. They configured their comprehensive product to automate our entire workflow end to end. Wednesdays are no longer stressful – it’s just another day of the week!” — D.K.
Payroll Manager

“As Director of HR, ensuring employee compliance and centralizing our policies were priority. When searching for vendors we thought a huge investment and increase in internal staff would be necessary. By utilizing ADS, we have managed to achieve our objectives and best of all decrease our staff! The ADS approach is unbeatable. Bringing ADS in was a great decision.

Not always is bigger better!”
— Jeff D.
Long Term Care, NJ

“I’m neither a speaker nor a writer, but I will do my best to share my great experience with ADS. From our very first meeting, our team felt that they were different. ADS asked the right questions and took the utmost care to insure their product and services were suited to our needs. Today we feel secure and satisfied, and very comfortable dealing with a PSP that’s a true partner. The forthcoming ADS staff is always ready to tackle our challenging issues, items are being addressed without ticket numbers, and their products are highly configurable.”

Thanks for reaching out to us.
— John C.
Comptroller, NY

“In the retail business, pennies are equal to millions and outsourcing our solutions could never be approved. Thanks to ADS we were able to decrease our actual payroll cost and reduce our staff. Today, ADS handles our entire HR,T&A, Payroll and Tax needs in over 16 states, 140 Locations and 4000 employees. We saw immense savings on our internal labor costs and IT infrastructure.

We changed to a provider that bends to the client versus the other way around.”
— E.S.
CFO, East Coast Chain

“As our business changed so did our compliance. Dealing with so many regulatory requirements/ programs/funds/shifts/ calculation methods and benefits tracking . . . addressing all these issues was beyond imagination. Upon joining ADS, solutions were found for them all; not to mention the fact that the ADS staff understands our challenges. Most importantly, their GL is seamlessly integrated to our fundware accounting system allocated into 15 different cost centers, Audits are no longer a nightmare, Labor Management is centralized, Over-Time costs are down, Payroll is processed within an hour and productivity is up.”

Dealing with a payroll provider who has industry knowledge is the only way to success.
— F.S
Controller, Early Intervention & AARD

“We have over 1500 employees nationally. ADS has delivered integration of all our systems. Duplicate and manual entries have been completely eliminated, and our employees on ESS are satisfied. In our 7 years with them, I don’t recall a scenario where they couldn’t achieve results within a reasonable time frame. The staff at ADS is simply amazing and enjoyable to work with.” — Denise N.
Payroll Manager, Inpatient Rehab